治疗痴呆症的研究项目, 心血管病, diabetes and improve life support machines with AI are among 27 projects funded by the National Health and Medical 研究 Council (NHMRC) Investigator grants awarded to mg游戏网址大全 researchers.

Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care Mark Butler announced almost $50.47M in funding for Monash researchers across all areas of health and medical research from the 能力 of Medicine, 护理与健康科学(MNHS), 药剂学与药学, 科学与工程, with 63 per cent of awards and 62 per cent of funding allocated to women.

调查员拨款 provide the highest-performing researchers at all career stages with consolidated funding, specifically for research across the four pillars of health and medical research: biomedical, 临床, 公共卫生和卫生服务研究.

mg游戏网址大全 President and 副校长 Professor 玛格丽特•加德纳 AC welcomed the ongoing funding by the Federal Government into research that should deliver significant and improved health outcomes for all Australians.

“These grants to the University’s outstanding researchers recognise their world-leading projects for the benefit of our community. I congratulate all the recipients and thank the 政府ernment for its support,” Professor Gardner said.

丽贝卡·布朗教授, Deputy 副校长 (研究) said the grants were recognition of the strength of Monash research. “These grants are a real testament to our researchers who are doing incredible work contributing to research excellence and impact. 这不仅是一个很好的结果, but it’s wonderful to see that 63 per cent of awards went to females; who are historically underrepresented in funding outcomes.”

Christina Mitchell教授AO, 莫纳什医学院院长, 护理及健康科学, 奖励1美元.5m for undertaking discovery research using models of disease of human development and cancer, 试图解开这些疾病的分子基础.

“这是一个重要的计划, 因为它为研究团队提供了5年的资金, 使研究人员能够追求新的研究方向, 促进创新”米切尔教授说.

James Whisstock教授, 副院长研究, 在莫纳什医学院, 护理及健康科学, 祝贺获奖者. “These grants are incredibly competitive and difficult to win so it is wonderful that so many of our researchers have achieved such significant success and are able to deploy this support to address some of the most pressing health challenges facing society,他说.

肖恩·格雷戈里教授获得了超过1美元的资助.调查如何改进生命维持机, 被称为体外膜氧合或ECMO. 当心脏和肺部衰竭时使用ECMO, 也是COVID-19患者的最后一道防线, 当所有其他选择都失败时. ECMO挽救了许多生命, there are substantial limitations that reduce patient survival and prevent more widespread adoption.

Professor Gregory’s research aims to address those limitations through his world-class team at the mg游戏网址大全创造实验室 多学科团队在哪里交叉工程, 生物科学, 医学和其他领域将开发改进的植入技术, 更好的临床培训工具, and risk prediction models using big data and artificial intelligence.

“这个NHMRC奖学金是职业生涯的定义. It will provide an opportunity for me to focus my time and efforts on delivering improved solutions for the sickest of patients. Such a prestigious fellowship also elevates my national and international reputation as a researcher, thus further building my research career and giving me the time to build the careers of the next generation of budding biomedical engineers,格雷戈里教授说.


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